It’s Monday! It’s Gossip Girl!

Previews for tonight’s episode were delicious. Serena slides way the hell down… can you stand it?

The CW has also just announced that the new Season of Gossip Girl will kick off September 1st with a change of scenery. In the Hamptons!

Meanwhile, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester travelled to Milan (or MILANO as Sarah Larson says it – ROSSUM!) to promote the show. As you can see, Chace wants to look like a man. Please. And Leighton, fresh off shooting Entourage, has taken the extensions out.

Over in Chelsea, Ed Westwick showed up at the Teens Making a Different event to benefit Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research looking smarmy as usual and sexy as f&ck. I hate myself for wanting him.

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