The Gossip Boys shooting in New York yesterday – Chace Crawford, his hair meticulously tousled just so wearing green and navy stripes and a denim wash that only the very rich or the very low classy seem to prefer (why is that you think?) alongside Chuck Bass in a cardigan dotted with what looks like, to me anyway, little flags with arrows that point to a pompous douche. Love.

You will also note his extreme case of turned out feet. Don’t think Baryshnikov could do a better 2nd position. Shamef7cker motherChucker!

As for what’s around the corner for the new season – some surprising developments. Spoilers ahead.

According to the infallible Ausiello Rufus and Vanessa could be headed towards a hook up.


Rufus and Vanessa???

Also – Nate sexes up a cougar played by Madchen Amick. As you would expect, Blair goes nuclear and the battle that results is girl sh*t at its best.

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