Michael K at DListed thinks they’re “anal f*cking”. But that’s what we love about Michael K. He thinks everyone is anal f*cking. Even Oprah and Gayle. Especially Oprah and Gayle.

As for whether or not Chace Crawford and JC Chasez are getting the gay on… the ‘mos can talk of nothing else. And can you blame them? I would totally pay to see those two tongue kissing. Tabloid reports have them moving in together and living life boyfriend boyfriend and Chace and Carrie Crawford haven’t been seen together in ages.

Word is he cut her loose because…well… because she’s a f&cking bitch.

So Chace and JC – are they making movies for Tom Cruise???

Sorry to disappoint but I’m hearing they’re just dudes. Dudes who like to party together but not privately together. Chace actually apparently likes to party hard. Rumour has it, during a promotional trip to Toronto recently, a fine powdery white dust was still settling days after he left.

You don’t think a boy who uses a flat iron would use something more toxic???


Here’s Chace with Taylor Momsen (Jenny) on the set of Gossip Girl last week. Nate and Jenny hooking up? How will Blair destroy her? Can’t wait to see.


Photos from WENN and Splash