Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl are in Toronto today for the Virgin Mobile launch with Richard Branson. As mentioned last week, now that Blake Lively can’t style herself out of the Mall Closet, Leighton is now officially The One.

And she is gorgeous. GORGEOUS! Look at that skin! And that smile. The bad girls are always more intriguing, non?

As for Chace – he’s like the male equivalent of Jennifer Garner for me. Cute but Taupe. And dating Carrie Underwood which means the boy has sh*t for taste.

eTalk is interviewing both today – don’t forget to tune in!

And finally, now that the strike is over, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Gossip Girl will return for 5 or 6 new episodes beginning in April and bonus! The show is so popular, the CW just might carry new episodes through the dog days of summer.

Blair Waldorf’s revenge… can you stand it???

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