It’s one thing for Megan Fox to be called the Poor Man’s Angelina Jolie. I mean at least the subject is Angelina Jolie.

But imitating, and failing, at imitating LipGloss?

Dude, is that a good move?

Zac Efron dropped out of Footloose claiming he did not want to be type cast as a singing dancing elfin. boychild. It’s now been confirmed that Zac has been replaced by none other than his similarly coiffed doppelganger Chace Crawford.

Is he a worthy update for Kevin Bacon?


Interestingly enough, Chace will have to begin training soon for the shoot. Perhaps he can get some instruction from a former contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. Strictly of the professional kind.

In other Chace news – thanks to ES for the following:

Hey Lainey -

Just wanted to let you know that Chace Crawford was at my graduation at the University of Missouri - Columbia this past Saturday. His sister was, like me, graduating with a bachelor's degree in journalism, and as soon as she walked across the stage and her name was announced there was a lot of cheering from a secluded box above rest of the stadium. Some people looked up, recognized the connection, looked at each other and within a matter of seconds all the girls were giggling and looking (while pretending not to look). Anyway, Chace was there with what looked like his mother and maybe his grandmother? Not sure. He was dressed casually - slacks, white dress shirt, suit coat. He also had a lot of facial hair, so it was hard to recognize him at first from so far away. Afterwards, he went down to the floor of the stadium and mingled with the rest of his group. Not really sure why it was necessary, as his sister wasn't even down there. He seemed very friendly to people who approached him and wanted pictures, although there were surprisingly few people who did so. Guess he's not that big of a deal yet.

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