Maybe Chace Crawford is perfect for Carrie Underwood after all. Rumour has it Carrie is a raging cow. Callous with her minions, inconsiderate of fans, and supposedly a jealous hag when she was dating Tony Romo.

Looks like her bitch is rubbing off on Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford. Word is he pulled out his diva yesterday at a charity event at Toys R Us in NYC. Chace was to arrive and pick out gifts for sick kids and a press release was sent out alerting media to the event.

So the media showed up. Only upon arrival, his reps freaked out and claimed Chase would not be comfortable with the press around, pushing reporters outside to wait in the cold.

SO WHY SEND OUT A PRESS RELEASE? Why arrange a photo opp if there are to be no photos?

Let’s be clear here: he wasn’t BUYING presents out of his own pocket. He was just there to PICK them and have his picture taken so that other people would be inspired by his gesture. However, pretty boy and his peeps are apparently not with it enough to understand that you can’t take a picture without a camera. Is science class not mandatory in high school anymore???

Unfortunately it seems like Chace arrived in a pissy mood, did not crack a smile the entire time, didn’t bother to take off his coat and hat, obviously intending to get it over with as soon as possible. Said an observer:

“He clearly doesn’t want to be here.”

Sounds like Carrie.

Am reposting Chase’s Tom Cruise temptation from yesterday. The gays loved it. Especially my Main ‘Mo Darren who claims he once posed like that in a tux back in the day too. Send me the pic, bitch!

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