This is not Astro Boy come to life. Not a Manga character dressed up in New York. Also not an escaped Elf. 

No. None of the above.

This is Chace Crawford shooting Season 3 of Gossip Girl.  

It’s the hair, obviously, but also those features – so delicate, so pretty, so ambiguous. It’s appealing, no doubt, to an 8 year old who hasn’t quite developed, but seriously, really, through adult eyes, does this look like a sexual person? Or does this look like an asexual single cell organism?

I f-cking LOVE Footloose. For the gays and the straights, Kevin Bacon was Dancing Sex. And now they’ve pissed on the legacy by casting in his place a Dancing Amoeba.


Let’s hear it for the Amoeba!

Oh my God the 80s…

Photos from VILA/ANDERSON/