Us Weekly is reporting that Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick have broken up. Chace couldn’t stand to live with Ed anymore because he’s filthy so he’s now renting a place on his own.

Ed and Jessica Szohr are inseparable. And Chace probably couldn’t take the straight PDA anymore.

Being on his own also affords him more alone time. He can do whatever he wants during alone time. He can walk around naked, he can throw his socks on the floor, pick his nose, kiss a boy, work on his hair all afternoon, pluck his eyebrows, exfoliate, you know… whatever he needs to keep up the pretty.

Look at the pretty.

On the Gossip Girl set the other day. Rosy lips and apple cheeks and the smoothest skin.

And then my shamef-ck looking f-cking smarmy and sexy at the same time yesterday with Leighton Meester – Chuck is still loving Blair!

Photos from and Doug Meszler/Jackson Lee/ and DISCIULLO/