so i just have the a-lister guess: tobey maguire? he"s into the hollywood clubs, he"s pretty, he"s a true thespian, he has been rumored to be gay, has been involved in award-winning prestige projects...?? as for the b-lister, i"m not entirely sure what you would consider b-list...would you consider keanu reeves b-list? chad michael murray? or are they a-list? that would help. Dear Becky: Tobey is not gay. He"s just very short with a high pitched voice. He also addicted to poker and trying to lose weight for Spidey. Very few gay men I know would let themselves go the way he has. So the answer is no, it"s not Tobey. As for what defines B List. Keanu is A list. Keanu makes over $10 million/movie. I"d say that"s pretty elite. Chad Michael Murray on the other hand is C-list. And while this is sure to generate some teenybopper hate, anyone on a WB show is B list at best.