Seems like I"ve offended yet another fan club. Sigh. Here"s a message from Casey who doesn"t believe any of the rumours about Chad and wants me to show some respect. Damn. I feel really, really old. Is "dillhole" the new insult? Dillhole??? What the hell is a dillhole? Anyone want to enlighten me??? Anyway, here"s Casy: you tell CMM fans to grow up, while you"re ripping him to pieces???? i think you need to grow up. theres nothing more disrespectful than a job where your goal is to pick apart celebrities. yeah they may be richer and more recognized than you, but its because we, the public, get them there. that means we like them dillhole. and for you to sit and rip them and tell us to "grow up" is absurd. you are pathetic and if anyone associated with this artice is a moron it is you. and as for the rumor about chad cheating, i think you should check your facts before you print this bullsh*t. the only thing chad has said about it all is that he was faithful, and until there is any other comment by him thats what you should believe. you are so stupid and gullible. i feel ashamed that there are people in this world like you. GROW UP!