Skanks get too much play in gossip. So in honour of US Thanksgiving, why not some love for The Actor? The overlooked, the underrated, and along with Sandra Oh, the best part of the now-ridiculously bad and sad Grey’s Anatomy, Chandra Wilson, also at the Enchanted premiere.

Chandra however, unlike her co-star Sandra, does not have a raging hag reputation. She was a dream to interview and word is she’s also a dream to work with.

Sandra on the other hand… suffice to say, she can be prickly. No time for niceties, vacillates between moody and taciturn and peppy and engaging, Sandra is the very opposite of Hello Kitty. Love her.

And love that she’s putting her vocal bitch to good use – marching with the writers yesterday in a show of solidarity. Is that a perm???

Photos from WENN