Last year Karl presented his cruise collection at the Hotel du Cap. This time... Versailles. With an appropriately over the top vision. If you’re going to Paris, you have to spend a day at Versailles. It’s crazy. They used to have a dude, or several, controlling the fountains for Louis XIV, turning them on at the exact moment he’d walk by. I couldn’t get enough of these stories. Imagine having an audience while you’re taking a sh-t every morning?

Anyway, I LOVE these... platform sneakers. Can we call those sneakers? Likely the most unaffordable sneakers ever but I want, I want really really badly.

Karl was not at the Met Gala last week. And Chanel seemed really underrepresented. I also can’t find any shots of Anna at this event. Andre Leon Talley, yes. But no Anna. I’m sure it’s nothing.