I’ve been checking in the reviews to see how John Carter has been steadily dropping. Then the rating for 21 Jump Street caught my eye:

100% so far

It’s early, sure. Jump Street doesn’t open for another 10 days. There’s no way it stays at 100%. But Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, New York Magazine, HitFix, Premiere, The Playlist, and Total Film have all weighed in and all of them are positive. Some people are calling it a “classic”, in the way that Old School and Wedding Crashers are “classics”. Obviously Jacek is all over it and actually wants to go on opening weekend. This almost never happens. I was on junket duty this weekend in LA and it was unanimous among everyone I talked to who has seen it. That’s another good sign - a lot of people have seen it because they screened it early. Usually, when they screen early, it means they’re confident.

And there’s a lot of reason to be confident in Channing Tatum. He just won the box office with The Vow (and it was boring and awful). It’s looking very, very possible that he could go 2 for 2 in back to back months.

The world is so crazy sometimes.

Attached - Tatum with wife Jenna Dewan in Beverly Hills.