At the Foxcatcher photo call today in Cannes – Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, with director Bennett Miller ahead of the big premiere and looking very confident after the press screenings. Miller delivers great work, work that’s worth waiting for. Last time it was Moneyball which went on to receive several Oscar nominations. Foxcatcher is said to be even better. They’re saying it’s the best performance of Tatum’s career. They’re saying Ruffalo is the anchor. They’re saying Carell is a lock for one of the five spots for Best Actor. In fact, THR’s Todd McCarthy is calling Carell’s a “career-changing performance”. From what I’ve seen, the praise has been unanimous. And it’s hard not to be happy for them, all of them. All of them are SO nice, so deserving, so humble. An award season featuring Michael Scott from The Office and Dear John? Oh why not. WHY NOT?

I’ve been in LA the last 24 hours or so and I haven’t been able to escape Channing Tatum. The billboards for 22 Jump Street are everywhere. So he’ll likely dominate at the summer box office and then move into the fall with a prestigious, legitimate Oscar contender. You’ll note, with Megan Ellison behind Foxcatcher, it’s certainly backed by power and influence. And if Jupiter Ascending does well? It doesn’t have to, not where he’s concerned, but that would be a solid bonus. You thought 2012 was good for him with The Vow, 21 Jump Street, and Magic Mike all coming in the same period? At the end of 2014 we might be looking back at that as a warm up.