Is this, like, three years in a row now that Channing Tatum has presented at the Oscars? I remember him being paired with Jennifer Aniston. Then last year he danced with Charlize Theron. This time he graduated to a solo appearance. But you already know that Tatum is a power player in Hollywood now. So let's compare the Tatum marriage to the Timberlake one.

Mrs Timberlake doesn't work much in film and started in television. Jenna Dewan's on a tv series now, regularly.

Justin Timberlake's wife wears Chanel and Tom Ford and Dolce&Gabbana etc. Jenna Dewan wore Reem Acra with an overplayed feather skirt. The one Penelope Cruz wore too much. Like 2005 styles.

Don't you think Jenna Dewan would look amazing in haute couture?

Justin Timberlake is a big ass deal, I get it. But so is Channing Tatum. If Mrs Timberlake can, why can't Mrs Tatum?