Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were photographed on the set of 22 Jump Street yesterday. That’s apparently the title of the 21 Jump Street sequel, presumably written again by Jonah Hill. I liked the first movie, mostly because I thought Tatum was great – fearless, willing to be the joke, without vanity. A sequel was inevitable. And there are certainly more stories to tell. This joke can be played a few times, with new crimes, definitely. So I don’t understand why the title had to be a joke. I mean, 22 Jump Street is supposed to be one of those Naked Gun 2 ½ situations, right? That movie’s over 20 years old.

No, but wait. Jonah Hill is smarter than all of us. Somewhere in there then, something more profound and clever must be embedded. It can’t be just face value. Jonah Hill will reveal it over time. Jonah Hill can play you like that. OK Jonah Hill. I will wait for it.