In the previous post about Mark Wahlberg, I mentioned that there are two names that will always elicit screams from our audience at The Social. Channing Tatum is the other one. You just have to say “Channing Tatum” and people lose their f-cking minds. Now this I can support. Channing Tatum deserves it.

Last night he and Jenna Dewan were at the Hollywood premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Sarah just screened the film on the weekend but it’s embargoed until closer to release so she can’t say much about it yet but she did text me afterwards with this note:

First time I’ve seen Channing Tatum and thought, with no reservations, yeah, that guy is a real actor.

With some real skill in career management. Because to go from where he started – you could say he has his own Funky Bunch background to what he’s doing now, writing and producing and balancing the creatively challenging projects with the Magic Mikes and the big budget features, Chan’s a mogul too, like Marky Mark. Only a lot nicer. A LOT nicer.

That said, with love, always with love for Channing, maybe try going dry for a couple of months after Christmas? He’s starting to get a drinker’s face.