Arguments for:

  • Buff, athletic all-American
  • Big hit with G.I. Joe, newly established as an action star
  • Just the right amount of scandal with a naughty past as an exotic dancer thrilling horny housewives and cougars, perfect MiniVan Majority fantasy material
  • Next film: Dear John, a Notebook style tearjerker targeted to the ladies, written by Nicholas Sparks that many are predicting will be the next romantic hit

Arguments against:

  • With all due respect to those of you who think he’s attractive, still others find his quarterback looks to be, um, sort of oaf-y and dumb. Also his lips… not down with his lips. They’re like grunter lips. He answers in the affirmative by simply grunting.
  • G.I. Joe did not require any acting. Can Channing Tatum act?
  • He’s married. And his wife has a better body than most of the MiniVan. And when you’re just starting out on a hearththrob trajectory, unfortunately, a wife can be a liability
  • Has not proved he can carry a movie

Odds: 30 to 1