Channing Tatum was at Summer of Sony this weekend with Jamie Foxx and Maggie Gyllenhaal promoting White House Down. I like how they all coordinated outfits here. White House Down is not my kind of film. But I will tell you right now that I’ll be seeing it -- for two reasons: so that I can do my part and make it a bigger deal than Gerard Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen and because, well, that’s how much I like Channing Tatum. And that’s how Movie Stars work. You go to see their movies because you like them.

Channing Tatum is likeable because he lives exactly where he lives. Well, to me, anyway. For you it could be the shirtless thing. Look at him. He’s having a great time. He’s giving them exactly what they want. And it doesn’t seem forced or desperate. And if all of this is fake and he’s some kind of fraud, sh-t, we may have another Marlon Brando is what I’m saying.

Can you imagine if Channing Tatum and Robert Downey Jr were in a movie together? Who wouldn’t go see that?