Channing Tatum travelled to Vancouver with his wife Jenna Dewan and newborn daughter Everly on Sunday. He left Vancouver yesterday. Jenna starts working on a new tv show in a couple of weeks. So he was here just to escort his ladies, settle them into their temporary home, before heading off to get back to work.

While they do have staff with them, I’m told they’re also pretty chill, low key. After getting comfortable in their rented house, the two went for a drive. They ran some errands, they familiarised themselves with the neighbourhood, and then they hit up… Subway. Went in and ordered a couple of footlongs themselves, were sweet when the staff and other patrons freaked out that OMG CHANNING TATUM IS AT SUBWAY, no drama, no attitude, very friendly.

Some of them don’t bother trying not to change, you know? They think it’s their due. And then there are those who are determined not to change. Who are determined not to be assholes. Right now, that’s Channing Tatum.