Volvo released a video last week to demonstrate the stability of their steering system. They claim that there was no CGI involved in having Jean Claude Van Damme straddle-split two trucks driving backwards. I’ve attached the clip below.

Channing Tatum, who’s currently working on 22 Jump Street, attempted the same feat. Sort of. But way better. To me, what’s genius about Tatum’s version is the Enya. The Enya was almost irrelevant in the JCVD version. But the Enya, in combination with Tatum’s hair and the joke, takes it to the next level. Also… does Channing Tatum subversively legitimise the doubts you had about the original? Like… do you believe JCVD actually made that happen without some kind of technical assistance? I just took an informal poll through the office. Our floor director, Kwame, calls total bullsh-t. And his point – the insurance on that shoot, can you imagine? 

So… what do you think the crew of 22 Jump Street thinks of JCVD’s stunt?