Channing Tatum’s GQ spread this month in time for this starring role in GI Joe scheduled for release in August. Looks like a horrible movie. And since Sienna Miller is a PR disaster, they need to push out Channing or “Chan” as he likes to be called that much harder. Taking his shirt off is a good start.

As for the article… there really isn’t much to it. Except the part about his diet. Even Channing Tatum has to eat plain chicken for weeks and weeks before a photo shoot. I have one coming up next week. And I am so not ready. Ugh.

Obviously Chan’s diet worked. He’s ripped. And maybe brushed a little. But still ripped.

You likey?

I can see why you would.

But he doesn’t do it for me. Too beefcakey for my flavour. In the Ryan Reynolds mold. And I don’t like his lips. They seem very dry. But they’re selling him as a down home Alabama boy who hasn’t yet let the fame game get to his head and just married the “love of his life”. I’ll buy it for now.

Remember when Jenna Dewan dated Justin Timberlake?

Channing Tatum – upgrade or downgrade?

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