Admit it – if you replace Channing Tatum with anyone else in the Magic Mike trailer your reaction would be that this movie looks like sh-t and you know, men still win when men are objectified, right? The thing about this trailer though is that it isn’t anyone else, it’s all Channing Tatum and as I wrote a couple of weeks ago (click here for a refresher) Channing Tatum will wear you down. It’s impossible to root against him so even though this movie looks ridiculous it’s hard to be objective and separate what you really think of it from how much you like the guy.

Channing Tatum is currently a winning formula and part of that winning formula is playing the same character over and over again.  Magic Mike is who he was in Step Up and The Vow and 21 Jump Street. It’s almost as though he’s saying “this is all I can be. Will you accept that and love me anyway?” Well, God, when you’re so endearing about it, Channing, what choice do we have?  Here’s a sh-t disturby question, though, are we less forgiving of this in female actors or is Channing Tatum just the exception to all rules because he’s so god damn nice?

I’ve been on a lot of junkets lately and every time I go another journalist will say how much he or she wishes this was a Channing Tatum junket. Normally at a junket, it’s quiet outside the interview room. Celebrities don’t typically love to answer the same questions over and over again. The energy then can get really sh-tty as the day goes on, but not for Channing Tatum. You can hear Channing Tatum’s room from all the way down the hall. Channing Tatum at a junket behaves as though he’s throwing a party and he really wants you to come. This is not an assumption. This is a fact, he will tell you this. Come join the party, he’ll say and then he’ll high five you at the end to make sure you had a good time. When you’re that popular with everyone there’s bound to be an abundance of good will. Good will is what surrounds Channing Tatum and he has the luxury of presenting so much of his work at a time when this good will is so potent.

Attached - Channing Tatum with Jonah Hill promoting 21 Jump Street at Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition in Cancun, Mexico.