He’s in Chicago shooting Jupiter Ascending. And he’s blonde, the kind of blonde that looks tinted green in some light. You dig it?

I … kinda do.

That may be because I like him so much (by celebrity standards) or it could be because, ultimately, I’m one of those losers who misses the tackiness of the late 90s and early 2000s. Channing’s working that era’s boy-band hair.

During our first 6 months of dating, Jacek did this to his head. He bleached it. You want to see? Last night, while getting distracted trying to pack up our pictures for this goddamn move, and pretty much f-cking around so that Jacek is doing mostly everything, I came across this. He’s going to kill me but whatever.


Ok you know what’s even better? This is him getting ready for his prom.