Arguments for:
-Super popular
-Super nice
-Promoting Foxcatcher right now and angling for Oscar consideration.
-Has become a Hollywood power player; has worked hard to get here and no one resents him for it. People want to see Channing Tatum succeed.
-No scandals and is always honest about who he is. See the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter – he’s candid about his past, his drug use, his struggles, his anger, his limitations.
-Happily married, now a father
-Looks great with his shirt off and is in Magic Mike shape right now

Arguments against:
-It’s too soon. It was just 2 years ago.
-Not sure this will help his Oscar chances. People are finally taking his acting seriously in a film that’s one of the best of the year. Might undermine the entire effort.
-Going back to that THR interview this week, Tatum has made it clear he’s ready to move to the next level in his career. Not that he’s not down with taking his shirt off anymore and he’ll do it again in the Magic Mike sequel, but he’s telling the story there, on a film he’s producing. He doesn’t need to do it at the checkout stand at the supermarket.

Odds: 15 to 1

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