The Academy announced yesterday that Channing Tatum (along with Charlize Theron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Daniel Radcliffe) will participate in the Oscar telecast on February 24. It will be his first time there. And it’s not surprising. No one had a bigger year than Channing Tatum. Of course they’d want to involve him...

But how?

It won’t be as a presenter.

Show producers confirmed that Tatum, or “Chan” as they call him, will be a “special guest” in the production. Does that mean he’s taking his shirt off? Or is that too low classy for the Academy? Black face didn’t seem to be too low classy last year so, you know, what’s a bare chest, and besides, it’s just a male bare chest and, well, according to the Grammy people at least, nipples are only offensive when they’re girls. More on this later.

Am I stupid? This happens every year. Every year I get excited about the Oscars hoping/believing it will be a great show. This year Adele is performing. And Barbra Streisand is returning. And The Avengers are showing up. And now Channing Tatum may or may not be ripping off his tuxedo and riding his pony. See? They got me again.

Here’s Tatum after dinner with his wife Jenna Dewan last night in West Hollywood.