A while back there was an announcement that there would be a remake of Splash, the 1984 mermaid-themed rom-com that convinced a generation that if we just spent enough time in the tub we, too, would turn into a mermaid like Madison. The announcement of a Splash remake felt as inevitable as it was unnecessary, since we’re going all-in on this “remaking everything from the 1980s, for better or worse” trend. But yesterday we get some new information regarding the remake that has taken it from, “Okay, fine, whatever makes you HAPPY, Hollywood,” to, “OH MY GOD GIVE IT TO ME NOW.” And that news is that Channing Tatum will take on Daryl Hannah’s role. That’s right. Channing Tatum. Will play. The mermaid. Will he also be called Madison?

The remake, amazingly not called Splish, will co-star Jillian Bell as the landlubber originally played by Tom Hanks. I feel like a lot of you don’t get excited enough whenever I mention Jillian Bell, so I really want you to watch this video of Bell improvising on 22 Jump Street—in which she co-starred with Tatum—and see how unstoppable Bell is when she’s on a roll. We should all be super into CTates the Mer-MAN, but Jillian Bell becoming a leading lady is just as exciting, and apparently this gender-swapped Splash remake was her idea. So we can thank her for bringing us Channing Tatum as Madison the Mermaid. Jillian Bell is the f*cking BUSINESS.