White House Down was not a hit for Channing Tatum. He and Jamie Foxx are in Europe right now trying to make up for some of those losses but it won’t be enough. WHD is Tatum’s first stumble after a series of smash hits. What’s his excuse? Will he have an excuse?

Armie Hammer had an excuse. He blamed the critics. He also said he didn’t want to be a superhero without realising that he just played a sort of superhero in The Lone Ranger. Dumbass. Which is actually a word I might have used on Channing Tatum 2 years ago. But Tatum is not a dumbass. And he’s not an idiot either. He won’t sh-t on the critics. He will eat the failure of White House Down without blame and he’ll keep hustling for it like a pro overseas even though he knows it won’t help that much.