Next week will be two years since we lost Joan Rivers. And it’s true, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Because the Joan Rivers random amazingness on a red carpet can never be replaced. Sometimes during an interview, she straight up forgot who she was talking to, not because she wasn’t sharp but because they weren’t interesting enough for her to remember. The reason Joan could be so irreverent was because she was JOAN RIVERS. The rest of us are too busy clinging to our jobs. You need someone with no f-cks to give. And Charlamagne Tha God? He has said in the past that Joan’s been an inspiration. Also Howard Stern. Well, he certainly lived up to it when he interviewed I Can’t Ariana Grande during the pre-show last night.

This is the moment that made me hope for Charlamagne at the Golden Globes, at the Grammys, at the Oscars:

No pastries!


Charlamagne then went on to tease her about her new boyfriend, Mac Miller, while calling out the fact that he probably wasn’t supposed to mention her new boyfriend but he did it anyway.

God that was satisfying. And it almost made it endurable. Almost. What? All of it. That f-cking hair. That outfit which is NOT AN OUTFIT. That expression. That animé face. THAT BROTHER. And whatever it is you call this new pose: