If you thought the Photo Assumption on that kiss was bad the other day – click here if you missed it the other day – wait ‘til you see the video.

Charlene Wittstock married Prince Albert of Monaco in a civil ceremony on Friday. On Saturday it was time for church – a major production, with a major Euro cheese guest list, and a bride who was rather tearful. And there was another awkward lip grazing that again seemed forced and horribly awkward. But the photos, the photos are nothing. Nothing compared to the moving pictures.

It’s four minutes long. And it’s heartbreaking. I mean, later on she will say it was the emotion of the day, that she was moved by their voices, by the song, by the occasion... but look how impatient he is with her, and almost embarrassed; look how she seems incapable of controlling her despair – is this the face of a woman who has married the man of her dreams and is optimistic about a long happy life with him? Or are those the tears of a girl whose new husband may have fathered a third child out of wedlock and will take a paternity test, as confirmed by palace officials? The same girl who allegedly tried to tap out THREE TIMES in the weeks leading up to the wedding?

Apparently the child is 18 months old. And there may be more than one. 18 months ago, Albert and Charlene were supposed to be in a serious relationship. None of Albert’s illegitimate children however have claims to the Principality. Now that Charlene has married him, her child will be the official heir. But what kind of peace of mind is this? To know that you’ve just married a philandering fool – wrap your sh-t asshole! – and that the pressure is on to produce a son so that the bastards can’t take over throne...?

Now watch ... if you have the stomach for it. Poor, poor girl.

Click here for more about the Prince Albert paternity test.

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Flynetonline.com