But first, I missed these photos of Charlie Hunnam at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards last month with his long-time girlfriend Morgana.

Charlie was in San Diego this weekend to promote Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim and the upcoming 5th season of Sons Of Anarchy. Pacific Rim is about horrible monsters and nice robots working with humans to take them down... I think? The monsters have Asian-sounding names like “kaiju” and the good-guy robots are called “jaegers”. Oh, ok, so that’s not predictable at all. It’s like in The Hangover(s) and, most recently, Ted when the ching-chong Asian guy has a small penis and or runs around with a duck and a kitchen knife and the audience is supposed to laugh. Suuuuure, why not.

As for Sons Of Anarchy, Jax sits at the head of the table now while this is Clay’s new reality, in Ron Perlman’s words:

“Every single thing in [Clay's] life has been taken from him, except his life. He literally starts off with nothing, but has to wonder why the f-ck would you leave me alive? You gotta know I'm coming back. What's amazing me for me is I'm getting to play the exact same human being in a completely different set of circumstances."

Exactly. Why DID they leave him alive? That was what I consider the fatal flaw of Season 4 - click here if you missed my review last year. I don’t know that I can take back SAMCRO after that disappointment. Should you decide to continue however, click here for a good recap of the SOA panel session at Comic-Con. Promising: more Tig. Not so promising: Ashley Tisdale.

PS. Look at Ron Perlman’s clothing. That’s him in real life. He’s a f-cking arty hippie. God, I love him so much.