Sons Of Anarchy panelled at Comic-Con yesterday. Kurt Sutter talked a lot about how he was building towards the end. Season 6 is in production now, the penultimate before the season 7 conclusion. Obviously no details but he promised (or warned) that it would a f-cking bloodbath. Let them all die then. With Gemma left standing. Gemma to outlast them all.

As usual, Charlie Hunnam was his un-photogenic self in San Diego. Especially when he’s in Jax mode. You’d know what I mean if you’ve seen Pacific Rim. My cousin Cat’s first reaction after coming out of the theatre was to text me about how hot he is with short hair. VERY.

But you know what’s cute?

Look at him heading on stage with his backpack like there wasn’t 18 assistants and publicists around perfectly capable of hanging onto it during the presentation.