Guy Ritchie’s Knights Of The Round Table now titled King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword was supposed to be released this summer. Late last year it was announced that the movie would be pushed to first quarter of 2017. The first trailer was previewed at Comic-Con with Charlie Hunnam in attendance.

So… how does it look?

Well, it looks like Lock, Stock, it looks like Snatch, it looks like Sherlock. Except in Camelot. All of the trademark Guy Ritchie filmmaking quirks are well-represented. And… becoming not that imaginative?

How does it sound?

It sounds like Heath Ledger’s A Knight’s Tale. You remember the anachronisms in that movie? To me, it doesn’t sound here like Arthur and his boys are speaking Olde English. They did get one thing right though. Back then, women didn’t have a voice. And they don’t in this trailer either.

But f-ck it. Why am I complaining? Should I be when Charlie Hunnam looks HOT AS F-CK???

So it’s decided. I’m seeing King Arthur in the same spirit as when I saw Magic Mike XXL. Despite Guy Ritchie’s dude-bro intentions, my King Arthur is a film to celebrate female pleasure. I wonder if that’ll work.