Stop yelling at me over email and Twitter. I’ve finally gotten around to writing this. Sorry it took a few days.

So if you don’t watch Sons of Anarchy and you didn’t watch Undeclared, you’re skeptical right now, I get it. Charlie Hunnam isn’t one of those guys who does it up on a carpet like all vain and sh-t. Not because he makes a point not to, like James Franco I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL, but because it just wouldn’t occur to him. Which is why he ended up on our Best of Sundance wrap-up.

It’s a game we play after every trip. Dylan, Josh, and I, for a week we were roommates, we spent every day together, we ate together, we went out together, we were living on top of each other, and at the end of that, we came up with a list of bests and worsts. Will it break your heart if I tell you our Most Disappointing Moment was unanimously Paul Rudd? I…. I can’t even talk about this yet. Maybe one day…

In the Best Male and Female Category, Josh’s Hottest Actress was Melanie Lynskey, Dylan’s was Kristin Kreuk, and mine was Eva Green.

We all agreed on Hottest Actor. For all three of us, no question, it was Charlie Hunnam. Charlie passes the Dude Test too. He’s a badass.

I interviewed him on the carpet for The Ledge. He’s a beast in person. Tall and low voiced and growly, but not a brute either, and very, very articulate, speaking rather eloquently about faith and spirituality, especially as it relates to the film – about a fundamentalist Christian and an atheist caught up in a love triangle, sort of, with the same woman, as one man pushes the other to the brink, forcing him to sacrifice his own life to test his devotion. It’s some trippy sh-t. And a lot of people hated it. But I liked the way Charlie answered when I asked him – are you a believer or a non-believer?

He said he was definitely a believer but that that shouldn’t mean he can’t ask questions or be curious, and why can’t you be both, and that people make assumptions that believers are uninformed… and I wondered about that after, particularly because we came face to face a few nights later with those freaks from Westboro Baptist and even if they attract one new follower a month it’s still too much, but is it because those followers were rejected somewhere else by the kind of people, perhaps like me, who make assumptions about believers?

The point is Charlie has some thoughts. And he reads. And he’s interested. And also really great to look at, especially right now because he’s training to be a fighter in some new movie so he’s only eating chicken and grains and something called a Rocket Salad and working out several hours a day, so disciplined he says he hasn’t had a drink in a long, long time. My favourite moment during our chat was when he told me he had Swine Flu during the filming of the movie, and I wasn’t even aware of it, but I started leaning away, in a panic, because, well, you know, I wanted to go shower, and he totally called me on it, he said – I don’t have it anymore, you don’t have to be afraid, and he beckoned me closer and in my mind I was all like, ok, but you asked me to, so don’t call security.

By the way, you can’t see it from the pictures, but when he was talking about working out and his body, he kept motioning towards his abs and his waist and there is nothing wrong with that how he wears his pants. Dylan said Charlie is one of the few actors, precious few, we met at Sundance who wouldn’t get the sh-t kicked out of him in Scarborough, where Dylan grew up, which is his way of saying Charlie passes the roughneck test too.

Here he is throughout his Sundance experience, seemingly incapable of taking a good photo. This is why he’s not yet on the Five List. As my friend Emily just noted – he photographs like Spencer Pratt. Umm…. She’s right. We need to work on this.

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