How’s this for a good morning?

Charlie Hunnam covers the new issue of Entertainment Weekly as King Arthur for Guy Ritchie's upcoming Knights Of The Round Table. I'm short of breath, are you? F-ck. F-ck I almost don't want him to be this hot. Because it's not right to want someone so impossible so badly. That’s how they should market Knights Of The Round Table, by the way. As, like, another sequel to Magic Mike. I mean, this is my approach. The story? Unnecessary. I just need Charlie to be well lit. Give me some 360 degree walking shots. Once in a while he can laugh. Sometimes he can growl. Make sure he gets injured in a battle so that he has to take his shirt off for the nurse. Give me a love scene standing up – an English alley under streetlamp works – so long as I can see his ass profile, thrusting.

Oh, but fine. Guy Ritchie is insisting on character development. Apparently Guy’s version of Arthur isn’t “Superman” nice. Because good guys are boring. Charlie’s Arthur has an attitude. He grew up rough, he’s a punk from the streets. He’s a hustler, baby. Gimme that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff.

Um. No problem. In fact, please put that song on the soundtrack and have it playing while Charlie’s grinning to the camera.

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