Charlie Hunnam on the cover of V Man, OH.MY.GOD.

I guess we should try not to be totally low classy and talk about what he talked about so…

Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Those are the only excerpts that have been released so far it’s been two years and the f-cking movie has come out already – when are we going to stop with this? Apparently never. Let me sum it up for you then:

Charlie is still fronting like it was a major regret, having to drop out of the movie, and that it was really, really just scheduling…even though Kelly Marcel, who wrote the first draft of the screenplay, recently suggested (and confirmed what everyone already knew) otherwise – click here for a refresher. Professionally though I get why Charlie would stay on this message. There’s no need to call out EL James for her shortcomings when, well, there are four books that already do that rather well.

For Charlie, the missed opportunity was not being able to work with Sam Taylor-Johnson. He says they cried together on the phone when he called her to tell her that he couldn’t do it. And he clarifies that the explicit sex wasn’t a problem for him, citing his experience on Queer As Folk, although if you’ve seen Sons Of Anarchy, that’s a pretty good backup for his claim too.

Um, now that we’ve pretended to not want to objectify him, can we talk about the pictures? And his hair? And his tongue? In one of these shots, he’s putting his hand down his pants which is probably what I’m about to do next.