How quickly did you click? If you watch Sons of Anarchy, I’m pretty sure it was quick.

Charlie Hunnam greeted a few fans while working on Season 4 yesterday. Other cast members were around too but I decided to spend all my money on these exclusives on Charlie and even then I could only afford 4 and I feel a little sh-tty about this, I really do, but sometimes you have to make your cash stretch as far as it can go.

As you know, Charlie photos are rare. But, as you also know, you’ll get your fix soon enough when Season 3 is released on DVD next week and season 4 begins the week after, picking up over a year after we left off. And the DVD extras for Season 3 will explain what happens in the interim, if that’s any incentive. Me I don’t give a sh-t. I just want them to go back to Charming. As I’ve already mentioned, several times, SO OVER the whole Ireland business. The drama in Charming, local rivalries and tensions, family conflicts rooted in that town - those are what make SoA so compelling. And Gemma, f-cking around in her own environment, the most dangerous psychopath, in my opinion, on a show full of psychopaths.

I get a lot of email about Jax and how hot he is and he IS. Totally. For a night. Maybe two. But would you ever want to be his old lady? Any old lady? That sh-t is a mess. And Jax is a mess. Come on, it’s just less of an issue for you because Charlie Hunnam is so f-cking sexy. My favourite scene, the one that gives it to my business the most, through the series, and this is a little dirty, is when Tara pushes him into the wall in the bathroom of the porn studio, right before they start f-cking. There’s a “oh yeah baby let’s do this” expression on his face that is TROUBLE for girls who can’t resist bad boys.

So Duana and I are currently putting together are 2011/2012 tv recap plan. We will be keeping some shows, adding more, dropping a few. A few of you have been very vocal about Sons of Anarchy. If you want it added to the schedule, we want to hear from more of you.

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