Charlie Hunnam’s trips to craft services are interesting to the paparazzi now that he’s to be Christian Grey. Check out Charlie on the set of Sons Of Anarchy yesterday picking up lunch with the crew and his cast-mates.

I’m running out of things to say about it. Like, there’s nothing really new to say until he gets into character, right? To me, that’ll be the reason to take the pictures. Charlie without the beard. Charlie with short hair, in a well-tailored suit, channeling Robert Pattinson, trying to be mysterious and seductive. Can you imagine the kind of notes he’ll be getting from EL James?

“Dear Charlie, When I used to rub myself thinking of Rob/Edward, it always helped when I imagined him looking at me with his mouth open, squinting a little. This is what you should do in the first scene when you meet me, I mean Anastasia.”