Let's take a break from Cannes for a while and head over to Vegas, shall we?

Charlie Hunnam hosted a party at Chateau at Paris (the hotel and casino) on Friday night. He's had his hair short for a while now, having just finished filming a movie during hiatus from Sons of Anarchy. It amazes me how un-photogenic he is in still photos, especially since, if you watch the show, I mean, Charlie, he's HOT. I've also met him in person. He's really, really hot. But for some reason, the camera, in a picture, it just doesn't love him. His head is always tucked into his neck. Or something.

Anyway, apparently the short hair is being worked into SOA Season 4. Maybe Jax wanted a style change while inside. Lately there's been a lot of discussion re: SOA during the TV liveblogs. And many of you have asked over email if it can be added to the recap schedule when the show resumes in the fall. I think it's a good idea. Will keep you posted on how that goes. I have to tell you though that I wasn't really feeling season 3. Thought it was a little shark jumpy. Charming is so much more interesting than Ireland. And some of the storylines felt forced. That whole business with Trinity, especially. It's not like I'm not down with Jax stepping out on Tara. I bought what happened with Ima. But don't mash in some new chemistry just because it's been three or four episodes since Charlie Hunnam kissed someone. Same applies to whatever drama is going down with Tig. They're trying to humanise him. I thought we already did that with Donna.

No point in rehashing the entire last season. Just… am very curious where they're going to take this now. Every year they've been getting more and more violent, more and more hardcore. Wonder if they're running out of real estate and filler plots before they address, finally, what really happened to John Teller which, essentially, is probably as far as the show should go.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com