Charlie Hunnam was photographed out in Beverly Hills yesterday. Goddamn he is hot. Especially when he’s moving around naturally and not on a red carpet with his chin up. We’ll likely be seeing more of him on red carpets as we approach the release date of Pacific Rim, in theatres July 12.

Is this the summer Charlie Hunnam becomes a Movie Star? I wrote about his Movie Star prospects a couple of months ago -- click here for a refresher. It’s what Taylor Kitsch hoped to do last year with Battleship. That, as you know, didn’t work out so good.

Pacific Rim, however, is Guillermo Del Toro. And the geeks are all over this already. The trailers have indeed been fantastic -- I’ve attached the latest preview below. Even I’m into it, and this is not usually my movie jam. But, as already noted, the female lead is Asian. And Idris Elba is a f-cking bad ass. Needless to say, I really, really, really wanted this junket assignment for etalk. Badly. But we’re preparing to move  from Vancouver to Toronto around that time and, well, it looks better if I sit around and not help at home than it does if I sit around and not help and have fun out of town while Jacek, the Relocation Project Manager, oversees everything.

That may be for the best. Because watch this Pacific Rim behind-the-scenes video and hear Charlie, his hair short, speaking with his natural accent and’s too much. I can’t, it’s too much.