Charlie Hunnam and a couple of the boys were in Vegas this weekend to celebrate Sons Of Anarchy. To quote Opie, if he went there, I hope he wrapped his sh-t because that looks like a high traffic zone. By the way, there was a fascinating article in GQ about the big money Vegas club scene a couple of months ago. If you haven’t already, this is good lunch hour reading, except for the part where they talk about how much seminal fluid is floating in the hotel pool. Click here to read, in case you were wondering what it might have looked like the morning after Charlie.

Anyway, as you can see he keeps insisting on tilting his chin up while being photographed. Few actors resist posing from their best angles, even the ones who claim they’re not vain. So either he just doesn’t give a sh-t or he wants you to think he doesn’t give a sh-t which kinda means he gives a sh-t. I don’t give a sh-t what the motivation is but it would be nice to get one flattering photo from an entire set.