Charlie Hunnam was on Conan last night. For those of you who’ve been wondering if he’s still with his girlfriend Morgana, and didn’t believe me when I said this was her yesterday, he mentions during the interview that he lives with “my girlfriend”. Like I said, we’re good. He’s not (yet) Henry Cavill.

You see the way he’s kinda slouching in his seat on the show? This is how it was when I was with him and Idris Elba at the Pacific Rim junket. The man is… comfortable. It’s a lot of sexy body language. Until he gets really animated talking about dick fighting an intruder in his house. My favourite part is when Andy Richter jumps in with, “You’re like a scientist!”

What he says about the “dentist” when he’s referring to motorcycle riders? Ha. But as I mentioned the other day, my friend Kiu just bought a Harley and when I sent him the video, here was his reply:

“I don’t blame Charlie for throwing it back at guys he doesn’t know who approach him and criticize him for wearing sneakers, flip-flops, t-shirts, no helmet, etc.

Having said that, and as cool as Jax is on the show (and Charlie probably is in real life), riding without proper gear is stupid and he should watch what he says outside of the show (just in case he really is a role model that young guys look up to for attitude and styling cues).

FYI, the rule of thumb in the biking community is this: for each 1.5 km/h you are travelling over 50 km/h, you will lose approximately one millimeter of skin when you hit the pavement with just your street clothes on (i.e., not even counting bare skin which would cause you to lose even more).  Therefore, if you are going around town at 65 km/h (not even highway speeds), you are going to lose about 1 cm of skin when Carter, Skyler, Madison, Kiara or whichever spoiled brat decides to hit you while he/she is texting and driving mom’s Range Rover at the same time. At 100 km/h (which I’ve seen “real” Harley riders routinely exceed with barely any gear on), you’re going to lose over 3 cm of skin, which will easily expose bone and tendons.

So Charlie Hunnam is a stud, no doubt, but he should really keep his views on proper motorcycle gear to himself – as should dentists.

God, I sound soooo old.”

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by old people.  

Jesus, Charlie. Be careful.

Also, this is Audrey, Kiu’s new – and first ever – Harley. He called her Audrey after Hepburn because “she always looked so good in black”. Oh, so bikers can be nerds too.