Sons Of Anarchy has started production on Season 6, said to be the penultimate season of the show. Many cast members were on set yesterday, including Charlie Hunnam in Jax’s white kicks. I can’t quite remember where we left off...except I think Tara’s in jail and Jax is well on his way to becoming a sick f-ck. No, no, I think we can safely say that Jax is officially a sick f-ck. 

80s throwback -- C Thomas Howell is part of the new season. When was the last time you watched The Outsiders?

In other SOA news, apparently Kurt Sutter is considering a prequel after season 7 is done. Not right away, but maybe a year or so in between, there may be a storyline that explores, I dunno, the life of a young John Teller. Which means the only thing I care about is who they might cast as the young Gemma. You know who’d make a great young Gemma? Kristen Stewart.