There was a rumour that started on Monday that Charlie Hunnam is now the latest frontrunner – of what’s become a long list of frontrunners – to play Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. Yesterday, his team and the studio moved quickly to clarify that no decisions have been made, not even close.

As I’ve noted before, if this is supposed to be the most coveted male lead in Hollywood, why is it that the ones who aren’t begging for it… aren’t begging for it? Sure, no one wants to look as desperate as Ian Somerhalder and Joe Manganiello but it’s not just feigned indifference, it seems like there’s deliberate distance.

So what if it is Charlie Hunnam?

Would this be a good move for Charlie Hunnam? To go from Sons Of Anarchy to “mom porn”? There’s actually an intersection here. Think of those who get hard for Jax Teller. Jax Teller who is prone to violence, who has assaulted women, murdered repeatedly, and is generally morally compromised, still they want to love him. There’s certainly a parallel.

Me I don’t need to see Charlie Hunnam get naked and kinky-f*ck. On SOA season one, he f-cks his girl right after killing a dude, next to his dead body. In season 2 he does it in the bathroom during a porn party. I think there’s some shower sex that happens that year too. In season 3 he nails a porn star from behind and also makes out with his half-sister. And that doesn’t even include Queer As Folk. Like, when it comes to onscreen sex and Charlie Hunnam, trust me, we’re good.

OMG how could I forget?

Jax Teller and Littlefinger!

Attached – Charlie (with that backpack again!) at the TCAs earlier this month.