There are now 5 episodes remaining of Sons Of Anarchy. Have you been watching? I thought I would, just to close out the series, but then I lost interest. If you tell me when Jax is going to have sex again though, I might care. Give me the episode number and the minute mark and I’ll take it from there, no need to get through all the story parts. Kinda like YouPorn.

The big mystery, of course, is whether or not Jax will survive. And whether or not Gemma will survive. Or if they’ll kill each other. And does history repeat itself with his kids growing up in the family business? Gemma failed with John, Clay, Jax, but she still has two chances. It’s Star Wars of motorcycle gangs. They’re still looking for their Luke.

Here’s Charlie Hunnam shooting new scenes yesterday dressed as a homeless person and then shooting someone. After that he apparently tried cracking up the crew by dancing. Yes, please. I’ll have some of that.