Here’s Charlie Hunnam on the set of Sons Of Anarchy yesterday after quitting Fifty Shades Of Grey this weekend. Click here if you missed my post yesterday analysing his decision. Did Charlie Hunnam not have the balls to play Christian Grey? Or did he have the balls to NOT play Christian Grey? I think he had the balls to NOT play Christian Grey. At this point, only Twi-Moms are mental enough to see this as a prestige project. And if you’re a fan of Matt Bomer, why would you want that for his career?

As for Charlie, the news is still fresh so he’s still dealing with some heat. But it will pass, Charlie, it will pass. They’ll go further down the line (we’ll discuss this in a minute) and pick a new guy and this will pass. It will be over soon. The misery will be over soon. But can you imagine if he had to endure 3+ years of this? How much worse it would have been? That’s how you know it’s the right decision. If he was so unhappy and they hadn’t even started, what would it have been like to go to work every day and have to make a come face over and over and over again?