Charlie Hunnam turned 32 on April 10. On Saturday night he went out to celebrate in Toronto where he’s been shooting Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim...for months, it seems. And there are NEVER any pap shots of him around. And very few of Idris Elba too. That Snooki creature goes to Toronto and there are easily over a dozen sets of her daily. Don’t they know Jax? Don’t they know Luther???

And still Charlie isn’t getting any more photogenic. Which is SO strange. Because on video, like when he’s moving around, and in person, Charlie Hunnam is, like, CRAZY hot. What happens to him when he’s shot in two dimension?  

Anyway, Sons Of Anarchy is supposed to begin production on Season 5 next month. They announced last week that Jimmy Smits will join the cast which, I’ll admit, is totally intriguing, but I’m not sure if it’s intriguing enough to make me want to keep going with it after the weakness of what happened last year. You?