Duana texted me last night around dinner time quoting a tweet from someone at the TCAs about Charlie Hunnam walking onstage with his backpack. Right. My response:

It’s his signature!

We saw it exactly one year ago today here and again here.

He’s living the line from Up In The Air by George Clooney: What’s in your backpack?

What IS in his backpack?

I’d rather talk about this than whatever he said about not being in Fifty Shades Of Grey. Sure. Having seen the Calvin Klein Reveal ad, I wouldn’t mind a movie of all sex scenes featuring Charlie Hunnam, no problem. And he was perfectly professional when talking about why he’s not in the movie. And he’s gracious about how he believes, ahem, that it’ll be a great movie. But it’s done. He’s good. Does that have anything to do with what’s in his backpack? Why can’t he leave his backpack?

God he is so much better in photos when he doesn’t know they’re being taken, isn’t he?