So this is what happened at the end of the penultimate episode of Sons Of Anarchy the other night. It’s likely Jax Teller’s final love scene. Once in a while I get a message in my inbox from someone yelling at me for not watching Outlander. I tried 15 minutes once and almost fell asleep it was so boring with all the voiceovers. Apparently there’s some great sex in one of the episodes though? Oh yeah? How great? Can it step to Charlie Hunnam?

Does the Outlander guy f-ck like Charlie Hunnam? Because what have I been telling you? Charlie Hunnam knows how to f-ck. I don’t even care if there was no real penetration here. I’d come anyway. And it’s still hot – SPOILER ALERT – even though he just killed his own mother.

How long do you have to be watching this to be considered a major perv? My entire blog is late today because this is all I’ve been doing. Every time someone walks by my office, I make them come in here to enjoy it with me, like sharing it rationalises my behaviour somehow. Do we need to keep producing content on the internet when this just validated the entire internet? I don’t need the full ass either. I’m happy with the shots of him doing his thing with the side ass.

How the F-CK did we get so ripped off in not having him play Christian Grey?

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