As you know, I posted transcripts yesterday of a few nasty voicemails from Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards that he left for her last year. Although I wondered if you could glean anything substantial from some angry messages left during the messiness of a high profile split, I did receive some insight today from a reader who has graciously analysed the information and offered her professional opinion. So nice to have some expert perspective from a legitimate psychotherapist. As she has requested to remain anonymous, I"ll her Dr. D for divorce. Here"s what she had to say: "If one of my patients brought me Charlie Sheen"s messages, I would label it an abusive relationship (...and I"m not a rabid feminist). The way he"s ranting at her (rather than whatever she"s done), using verbally abusive labels and putting her down, this is the typical "likely to escalate" abusive style. He"s just pissed off that she"s finally setting limits and he"s not in control anymore. The man has no respect for the opposite sex because no matter how mad you are at someone"s behavior, an enlightened man doesn"t call the mother of his children a c*nt etc... I wonder what kind of a "model" for behavior his dad Martin really was. A father often sets the tone for what their sons believe they are entitled to, or can get away with, in their relationships with the opposite sex. That being said...Denise is the typical kind of woman who gets herself into these abusive relationships. If she was indeed a "working girl", they often have a lot of co-dependency issues in their relationships with men, aren"t very bright or assertive, and often lack good judgement in handling their relationship situations (eg. can be passive-aggressive). It"s truly a match made in hell and unfortunately it"s usually the woman who winds up harrassed, in hospital, or dead. At least Denise know"s where to draw the line now and is using the protection of the law to do so. Unfortunately, she probably doesn"t have a good sense of identity outside of having a man in her life, so she"s jumped immediately into another dubious relationship without thinking it through. This usually reflects an underlying poor sense of self-esteem/self-worth. They feel their body really is all they have to offer a man, so yes, they act like sluts. Makes me wonder how abusive her childhood was." And there you have it, gossips. A academia Hollywood breakdown by the book. Can this situation get any worse???